2014-09-26 00:09
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I am using PHP to send a HTML newsletter email and I am having problems with the images in the email. In Outlook 2013 the images display perfectly fine but in some of the images do not display.

In the email there are two images: one is the logo and the other is the profile picture of the user. The URL for the logo is and it does not work.

The funny part is when the profile picture URL is (remote site) the picture displays, but when the URL is it does not display. uses a proxy to access the pictures. Could the URL of my website be causing the error?

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  • douying8666
    douying8666 2014-09-26 13:57

    Looks like it! Webmail clients have tough security restrictions- that's why they don't allow linked CSS sheets or JS. It's also why GMail strips your <style> tag.

    Looks like you need to host your images from a registered domain or else finds them risky and ignores them.

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