2016-01-13 16:43
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如何从PhpStorm全局搜索中排除文件(Ctrl + Shift + F)

I want to exclude a file from the PhpStorm global search (Ctrl+Shift+F) but not exclude the file from the project itself. A good use case would be to avoid searching inside files like jQuery.js, but in my particular case, I have a plugin that generates code and it clutters my search results.

Being specific, this is the example search result: search-results

The first result is uselss and will always be for me. So I would like to exclude it from the results. However, if I exclude it from the project then it will not be included in the auto-complete features of PhpStorm, which is the sole purpose of that file in the first place.

Or are there any alternatives to this? I could select a folder and search only there, but it is not as convenient as just pressing Ctrl+Shift+F directly from the editor

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我想从PhpStorm全局搜索中排除文件(Ctrl + Shift + F)但不排除文件 项目本身。 一个很好的用例是避免在像jQuery.js这样的文件中搜索,但在我的特定情况下,我有一个生成代码的插件,它会使我的搜索结果变得混乱。</ p>

具体, 这是示例搜索结果: </ p>

第一个结果是uselss,将永远适合我。 所以我想将其排除在结果之外。 但是,如果我将它从项目中排除,那么它将不会包含在PhpStorm的自动完成功能中,这首先是该文件的唯一目的。</ p>

或者是 还有其他选择吗? 我可以选择一个文件夹并仅在那里搜索,但它不如直接从编辑器按Ctrl + Shift + F方便</ p> </ div>

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