2014-02-28 09:12
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So I've added remote server to phpStrom and I can change files there. But if I delete files they disappear only from my computer not on the server. How to delete files from remote server using phpStorm?

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所以我已经将远程服务器添加到phpStrom,我可以在那里更改文件。 但是如果我删除文件就会消失 只能从我的电脑而不是服务器上。 如何使用phpStorm从远程服务器删除文件?

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  • douju4278 2014-02-28 09:46

    To manually delete files from remote location -- use Remote Host tool window (or Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host if it's not visible) -- navigate and delete any file(s) you want.

    For keeping your remote host in sync with local (i.e. to delete remote file as soon as local gets deleted as well) you need to enable automatic upload in Settings | Deployment | Options, in particular:

    1. Upload changed items automatically to the default server
    2. Delete target items when source ones do not exist

    enter image description here

    Obviously, you need to configure all those options as most suitable to your workflow.

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