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I Have a MySql Database Structure and values samples as shown below:

sno     firstname      status
1        John            Active
2        Kelly           Inactive
3        Harri           Passive
4        Kris            Dormant

Now that I need to execute a Sql query from a PHP page, and the Status Values are from multiple checkbox which I have assigned as an array.

I have used Implode function for this array:

$status = $_POST['status'];    
$mstat= implode (',', $status);
$query="SELECT * FROM USER WHERE status IN '$mstat'";

while ($members = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
        $fname= $members['firstname'];
        echo $fname;
        echo '</br>';

The problem is that I'm not getting any results. What could be the problem. Or If anyone could suggest/Advice for an alternative.

When I echo $mstat; I get Active,Passive,Dormant (That is based on my checkbox selection)

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  • dtvnbe1428 2016-04-05 09:30

    status are strings. You need to wrap them with quotes. And IN needs () to wrap the string values. Try -

    $mstat= "'" . implode ("','", $status) . "'";
    $query="SELECT * FROM USER WHERE status IN ($mstat)";

    Assuming $status contains some or all of those values showed in database in array format.

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