2016-10-24 09:10
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My Query SELECT * from users where user_id='$keyword' OR username='$keyword' OR email='$keyword' OR skype='$keyword' OR balance='$keyword' OR spent='$keyword' OR status='$keyword' OR created='$keyword' OR last_auth='$keyword'


Returning random rows

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My Query SELECT * from users 其中user_id ='$ keyword' OR username = '$ keyword' OR email ='$ keyword' OR skype ='$ keyword' OR balance ='$ keyword' OR spent ='$ keyword' OR status ='$ keyword'\ n OR created ='$ keyword' OR last_auth ='$ keyword'


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  • doukun0888 2016-10-24 09:16

    Use LIKE instead of trying to get the exact value.

    SELECT * from  users where user_id LIKE '%$keyword' OR username LIKE '%$keyword%' OR email LIKE '%$keyword%' OR skype LIKE '%$keyword%' OR balance LIKE '%$keyword%' OR spent LIKE '%$keyword%' OR status LIKE '%$keyword%' OR created LIKE '%$keyword%' OR last_auth LIKE '%$keyword%'

    If you are using LIKE on a number field use:

    CAST(user_id AS CHAR) LIKE '%keyword%'
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