2019-01-25 03:31
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I have custom command like:

php artisan down --message="this is my custom message."

Now I want to use this command in my controller with input fields.

I know I can use Call method like Artisan::call('down'); but my issue is how to add --message="" part into that call method?


this is what I'm sending to controller currently:

array:3 [▼
  "_token" => "wqHyTNmDhArtonB0gwhIbCipSsStv0WnoASQm34u"
  "maintenance_message" => "this is my custom message."
  "maintenance" => "active"

Now based on maintenance value i will call Artisan::call('up'); or Artisan::call('down'); but the question is how do i add maintenance_message into it?


This is my current function.

public function MaintenanceMode(Request $request){
  if($request->input('maintenance') == 'active'){
    Session::flash('danger', 'Site is successfully in maintenance mode.');
    return Artisan::call('down');
    Session::flash('success', 'Site is ONLINE.');
    return Artisan::call('up');

Any idea?

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  • du20150401 2019-01-25 03:37

    The documentation has some examples of this:


    The call method accepts either the command's name or class as the first argument, and an array of command parameters as the second argument. The exit code will be returned:

    Route::get('/foo', function () {
        $exitCode = Artisan::call('email:send', [
            'user' => 1, '--queue' => 'default'
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  • dqegbo2691 2019-01-25 03:38


    Here is what I did to add my message part into artisan command

    return Artisan::call('down', ['--message'     => $request->input('maintenance_message')]);

    Hope it help others.

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