2013-08-21 23:27
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So I am sorry if I mess up the names a little. I am still pretty new to linux.

I setup a headless raspberry pi webserver. I installed TightVNC Server on it so I could remote in but for the life of me I can't get the damn server to start when my pi reboots.

My work around to this is to have a php script that I can call from the web that executes a terminal script that starts TightVNC. I don't know if it's called terminal script or not but in windows its called a bat file.

Do php files have this permission? If so what is the php command to execute this file?

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所以如果我把这些名字搞砸了,我很抱歉。 我还是Linux新手。

我设置了无头覆盆子pi网络服务器。 我安装了TightVNC服务器,所以我可以远程进入,但是对于我的生活,当我的pi重新启动时,我无法启动该死的服务器。

我的工作是创建一个php脚本,我可以从Web上调用,执行启动TightVNC的终端脚本。 我不知道它是否被称为终端脚本,但在Windows中称为bat文件。

php文件是否拥有此权限? 如果是这样,执行此文件的php命令是什么?

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  • duaabhuv188411 2013-08-22 00:17

    To run a shell command with PHP, use shell_exec. It will run as the web user (say, www for Apache), so that user will need to have appropriate permissions. You could, of course, use sudo to get around that - but that is extremely insecure and a very, very bad idea.

    So if you had, e.g. a shell script called shellscript.sh sitting on yoru server, and you've written it to do whatever you need it to do, you could run it in php with:

    shell_exec('sh path/to/shellscript.sh')

    However - I'm not sure I correctly understand what you're trying to do, but it seems to me this is a hacky, very inefficient way to go about things, and it's very likely there is a much smoother solution. Even so, good luck.

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