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I'm trying to figure out "how-to" echo out the "" (red arrow pointing to it) value from this JSON file. I can echo $data[feed][entry][1][id], but I run into trouble when I get to gsx$emailaddress. I assume it is because of the $ in the label. I do not have control over the label name (created by Google Sheets).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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My Code

$urlSheet = '';
$jsonSheet = file_get_contents($urlSheet);
$data = json_decode($jsonSheet, true);

Thank you!


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我正在试图弄清楚“如何”回应“”(红色 指向它的箭头)此JSON文件中的值 。 我可以回显 $ data [feed] [entry] [1] [id] </ code>,但是当我到 gsx $ emailaddress </ code>时遇到麻烦。 我认为这是因为标签中的 $ </ code>。 我无法控制标签名称(由Google表格创建)。 </ p>

非常感谢任何帮助。 </ p>

</ p>

我的代码</ p>

   $ urlSheet ='';
$jsonSheet = file_get_contents($ urlSheet); 
 $ data = json_decode  ($ jsonSheet,true); 
 </ code> </ pre> 

谢谢!</ p>

Todd </ p> </ div>

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