2015-03-31 02:17
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I want to add a login with facebook button in my android app, and than store the user information in a php server. When following the official documentation I found out that the SDK user the facebook app, so pepole who will use my app will have to install the facebook app first and I dont want that dependence, and I couldn't find a documentation that teaches how to implement that. Obviously I m just a beginner so please help me with that, thanks in advance.

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我想在我的Android应用程序中添加一个带有facebook按钮的登录,而不是将用户信息存储在php服务器中 。 当关注官方文档时,我发现了SDK 用户的Facebook应用程序,所以谁将使用我的应用程序必须首先安装Facebook应用程序,我不希望这种依赖,我找不到教你如何实现它的文档。 显然,我只是一名初学者,所以请提前帮助我。

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  • dongpang1898 2015-03-31 05:14

    You can use SDK only, as it provides both functionalities. If user has Facebook app installed in his phone, than it will login from the app. If user does not have Facebook installed on his phone, then FacebookSdk will automatically open a login dialog for Facebook login.

    Check this image

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