2017-05-30 08:29
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Want to check Environment and if matches some case then want to redirect or load some view. get_instance(); not working inside index.php where environment check
what i'm looking something like below:

if (ENVIRONMENT === "production")

    /*if(error ="db error")
    or load view header and footer


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想要检查环境,如果匹配某些情况,则需要重定向或加载某些视图。 get_instance(); 在index.php里面没有工作环境检查 我在看下面的内容:

  if( 环境===“生产”)
 / * if(错误=“db error”)
 redirect(“/ someview”,“refresh”); 
  * / 
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  • dqajyxqem115006813 2017-05-30 14:26

    i just confused about error handling mechanism in CI. By the help of stackoverflow users i found steps to turn off the errors . but now i can't handle those errors.

    If you want to handle a certain error, You can redirect it to a certain view in the process as what you have mentioned in your question.

     // Assuming you have a [Home] Controller that extends to your [Common] parent class
     class Home extends Common {
        public function index()
            $bCheck = false;
            if ($bCheck !== true) {

    Then on your parent [Common] controller. (e.g Common.php)

    class Common extends CI_Controller
        public function handleRedirectMethod($sUrl, $sMethodName = 'refresh', $sStatusCode = '302')
            $sServerName = $_SERVER['REQUEST_SCHEME'] . '://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
            redirect($sServerName . '/' . $sUrl, $sMethodName, $sStatusCode);

    Hope this makes you understand how you can handle those errors

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