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转换Symfony2 PHP实体对象以在Javascript中使用

I'm attempting to open up data from a PHP Object (as shown below) but I'd like to be able to access this data within JavaScript to use in a graphing library.

Object in question:


What I need to be able to do is convert that into a JSON encoded object for use within Javascript.

I tried using twig within Symfony to do this via:

{% set playerStats = match.getStatsPlayers().getValues() }%
{% dump(playerStats) %} // This is what you see above

var playerStats = {{ playerStats|json_encode }};


The console shows this:


Which is where I'm banging my head against the wall. Where can I access the values of these properties?

As an inefficient way, I've managed to get it into a JavaScript object by doing:

{% for p in playerStats %}
    playerStats.push({ 'id': {{p.playerID}}, 'playerName': '{{p.playerName}}', 'playerOutfit': {{p.playerOutfit}}, 'playerFaction': {{p.playerFaction}}, 'playerKills': {{p.playerKills}}, 'playerDeaths': {{p.playerDeaths}}, 'playerTeamKills': {{p.playerTeamKills}}, 'playerSuicides': {{p.playerSuicides}} });
{% endfor %}

I feel kinda dirty for doing that. There must be a better way to do this surely?

Thanks in advance!

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