2017-04-25 04:29
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How to prevent website download, so someone can't download my full website from IDM or any other software. is there any possibilities to implement some algorithm or add some security tokens. what about iframe? website is on PHP Codeigniter 3.1.4 domain - SSL certificate enabled(https).

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如何防止网站下载,因此有人无法从IDM或任何其他软件下载我的完整网站。 is 有没有可能实现一些算法或添加一些安全令牌。 是什么关于iframe? 网站是在PHP Codeigniter 3.1.4 domain - 启用SSL证书(https)。

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  • duagfgfn1981 2017-04-25 05:30

    The Users will be able to download only the views that you populate via php.

    CodeIgniter is a MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for a reason, it encapsulates the business logic from what can be accessed by users. http://www.codeigniter.com/user_guide/overview/mvc.html

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