2017-09-07 05:33
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Php Laravel在同一模型中调用一个函数

I have a model with 2 functions. Let's say the model's name is Cars. I am trying to call one function brand that returns an array so I can use it inside the other getBrand function.

public static function getBrand($data) {
    $brandVariable = $this->brand(); 
    for ($i=1; $i < count($brandVariable ) ; $i++) { 
        //do something

public static function brand() {
    $arrayValues = array(
         1 => 'Brand A',
         2 => 'Brand B',
    return arrayValues;

Since the values are in brand function, I need to pass it inside getBrand.

I am getting an error in the for loop. I tried in another file (local PHP not Laravel) and it is working fine. But in Laravel, it is not getting the expected result.

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