2018-07-26 10:42
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I'm trying to implement a new method in a BoController called "deleteBooking", the method is defined:

public function deleteBooking($id){
    $booking = Reservation::find($id);
    if($booking && $booking->delete()){
        try {
            $email = Mail::to($booking->user_email)->send(new Cancel($booking));
        } catch(\Exception $e){

        return redirect('admin/manager/home')->with('message','Réservation annulée!');
    return redirect('admin/manager/home')->with('message','Réservation non annulée!');

But laravel at the endpoint says:

(1/1) BadMethodCallException
Method [deleteBooking] does not exist.

Other methods from the same class are linked to endpoints too, and work well.

Do you have any ideas please? Thank you.

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  • donglengli0644 2018-07-26 15:59

    I got it fixed, I've found another file called BoController, in another folder somehow and it was conflicting with the App\Http\Controllers one.

    Thank you.

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  • douying4909 2018-07-26 10:50

    It's most likely that you have declared that function for some other request type other than the one you're trying to make. For example you put Route::post('some-method', 'BoController@deleteBooking'); but you need to put either Route::get(...) or Route::put(...) or Route::delete(...).

    If it isn't that problem, then you probably misspelled it.

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