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I have several dynamic input fields and checkboxes and i would like to disable the input box if the checkbox having a similar id value is checked

This is the php code:

   <table class="table table-striped">

 foreach ($checks as $m => $check) {
    $item ="";
    $checkbox ="";
   $textinput ="";

if ($check->mandatory_customer == 1) { //mandatory customer checks
 $displayx .="<i style='color:red;'>*</i>";
  $item .=  $check->item.$displayx;
   $checkbox .='<input type="checkbox" class="1" id="'.$m.'"' ;
   $textinput .='<input type="text" class="1" id="'.$m.'"' ;

     } else { //not mandatory customer
    $item .=  $check->item;
   $checkbox .='<input type="checkbox" class="0" id="'.$m.'"' ;
 $textinput .='<input type="text" class="0" id="'.$m.'"' ;


echo "<tr id='" . $m . "'>";
echo "<td>" . $m . "</td>";
echo "<td>" . $item . "</td>";
echo "<td>".$checkbox."</td>";
echo "<td>".$textinput."</td>";
echo "</tr>";


Now i would like to disable the input boxes having the same id's as the checkboxes if the checkbox is checked. How do i go through this using jquery

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