douzhen5158 2012-12-08 13:49
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Webserver上的PHP Websocket

A few days ago I setup this WebSocket server from

It works excellent on my localhost by using Xampp. Then, I uploaded it to my webspace on Strato, but now I am not able to connect to the server.

I changed the the sockets connection to my domain but it didn`t work


var host = "ws://";


$master  = WebSocket("xxxxxx",12345);

I already tried it with different port(80,443,12345,8080,8000....), using the IP address in server.php instead of the domain.

I also used absolute and relative paths in the client.html.

From the projects page someone suggested to use 0 or in the server.php, but that didn`t work either.

In the client.html it just shows:

WebSocket - status 0 Disconnected - status 3

My guess that the problem is that Strato is blocks me from using WebSockets. Is it possible to run WebSockets on my webspace?

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  • dongyou6768 2012-12-08 20:09

    My bet is that your host is blocking incoming requests to the socket. Your not supposed to run scripts like phpwebsocket within a web service (it is a server itself). This confuses a lot of people since PHP is typically used for scripting webpages, not for coding daemons.

    I say this because you mentioned running the script within Xampp, and referred to your hosting service as 'webspace'.

    If this is the case you will have to upgrade to a virtual server package so that you can run your own services.

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