2014-07-23 20:37
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Wordpress + ACF - 在输入上格式化数字(在后端)

I have this Custom Posts with several number fields in it, i'm looking forward to format the numbers given(in the edit post in the backend for the admin) immediatly after presented, in a money format, that means, the number field should accept commas too. I'm not sure on how to start, have any of you done something similiar?

Please help I'm kinda new to wordpress

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我有这个自定义帖子中有几个数字字段,我期待格式化给定的数字(在 管理员后端的编辑帖子,以货币格式呈现后立即表示,数字字段也应接受逗号。 我不确定如何开始,你们中的任何人都做过类似的事吗?


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