2015-11-05 09:13
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在子页面上获取Wordpress / ACF选项

I use Wordpress with Timber (as template renderer), and Advanced Custom Fields. I'm struggling with some sub page options.

My problem is that I can't get the options on the right posts (my jobs) – it's only available on the job overview page.

I've created an options sub page to my custom post_type "job", like so:

if (function_exists("acf_add_options_page")) {
        "page_title" => "Job options",
        "menu_title" => "Job options",
        "menu_slug" => "job_options",
        "capability" => "edit_posts",
        "parent_slug" => "edit.php?post_type=job"

And I'm able to get that options on the job-overview page, like so:

$context["options"] = get_fields("options");

But when I run that same command on the posts with post_type "job", then it returns null.

How can I get that options to affect the posts with post_type "job" and not the overview?

** EDIT **

Okay, so I found out that somehow it had worked, since I could get SOME of the options, and I could edit them in ACF, but I couldn't add new options. Somehow the link to "options" is broken. I have no idea how to fix this.

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