2015-11-18 22:12
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如何使用新的microsoft graph api创建身份验证令牌?

I've been using this:

to access the graph api, which works. My azure AD registered application is able to query the API to get a list of users in the directory.

But now I want to list folders for a user in the directory. This page

says the url should be:

When I use that url in my REST call, I get

"code": "InvalidAuthenticationToken",
"message": "CompactToken parsing failed with error code: -2147184105"

Makes sense, it's getting a token from

So, I'm lost. There's so many different versions of the API, from the consumer grade onedrive (formerly skydrive), the first graph api (which I access via, the office 365 API (which I access via and now the graph api (formerly universal api I just don't know where to begin to look for correct information.

I'm working in PHP at the moment, and I'm sure that's going to be pretty low on microsoft's list of supported platforms, but any direction about how the access token generation works in the newest api versus the o365 api versus the other graph api (at would be appreciated.

Is anybody else as confused as I am? Is there some central reference that explains all the differences between these apis and how to access them?

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