2011-04-02 06:51
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The menu option is disabled for me. I can test ok and I can debug ok, just not both together. Is it possible, or is the menu option disabled because it isn't implemented for PHP.

I'm hoping I don't need to go through the "Create Test files" procedure to enable it as I create the test files myself, rather than letting netbeans do it.

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我禁用了菜单选项。 我可以测试好,我可以调试好,只是不是两个在一起。 是否可能,或者菜单选项被禁用,因为它没有为PHP实现。

我希望我不需要通过“创建测试文件”程序来 启用它,因为我自己创建测试文件,而不是让netbeans这样做。

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  • dras2334 2011-04-03 20:59

    You should be able to debug the *Test.php files individually as you would the normal project. There's also a setting (at least in NetBeans 7.0) on the project's PHPUnit properties page that tells NB to run all files ending in Test.php as PHPUnit tests.

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