2016-03-17 15:56
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从VB.NET应用程序调用Netbeans PHP调试

I have a Netbeans setup for a PHP API, with debugging (all works OK), and configured to debug calls with standard browser Firefox. This is all fine.

We have a VB.NET application which makes calls to this (development) API from the same machine: is there any way I can configure Netbeans to capture a request made from this application, in the same way it captures requests made direct from the browser?

The PHP application sits on a WAMP server stack.

This would aid debugging the VB.NET application hugely.

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我有一个用于PHP API的Netbeans设置,带有调试(一切正常),并配置为调试调用 标准浏览器Firefox。 这一切都很好。

我们有一个VB.NET应用程序,可以从同一台机器调用这个(开发)API:有什么方法可以配置Netbeans来捕获从这个应用程序发出的请求, 它捕获直接从浏览器发出的请求的方式相同吗?



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  • dongzhang1987 2016-03-30 01:16

    Yes, there is a way and it's pretty simple.

    Just set the XDEBUG_SESSION_START GET or POST variable to the value of your idekey configuration variable. So it may look like this (in the case of GET variable):

    Or you can also send a cookie together with the request with the value XDEBUG_SESSION=idekey, which is, in fact, what's done automatically when you use the previous way of GET/POST variable.

    Check the Xdebug documentation for details.

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