2010-05-11 15:36
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I created a question on, and it was recommended that I ask here.

I have a PHP script. It runs well when I use a browser. It writes an XML file in the same directory. The script takes ~60 seconds to run, and the resulting XML file is ~16 MB.

I am running PHP 5.2.13 via FastCGI on Windows Server Web edition SP1 64 bit.

The code pulls inventory from SQL server, runs a loop to build an XML file for a third party.

I created a task in task scheduler to run c:\php5\php.exe "D:\inetpub\tools\build.php"

The task scheduler shows a time lapse of about a minute, which is how long the script takes to run in a browser.

No error returned, but no file created.

Each time I make a change to the scheduled task properties, a user password box comes up and I enter the administrator account password.

If I run this same path and argument at a command line it does not error and does not create the file.

When I right click run command prompt as an administrator, the file is still not created. I get my echo statement "file published" that is after the file creation and no error is returned.

I am doing a simple fopen fwrite fclose to save the contents of a php variable to a .xml file, and the file only gets created when the script is run through the browser.

Here's what happens after the xml-building loop:

$feedContent .= "</feed>";

sqlsrv_close( $conn );

echo "<p>feed built</p>";

$feedFile = "feed.xml";

$handler = fopen($feedFile, 'w');

fwrite( $handler, $feedContent );

fclose( $handler );

echo "<p>file published</p>";


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