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I know my title isn't very clear. But I am currently doing a CRUD webpage which allows the administrator to edit user details. So the user details are displayed in a table with edit and delete links located at every row. So one of the user details consists of an address containing the # symbol And when the admin clicks on edit, which is this link:

<td><a href='edit.php?operation=edit&user_id=".$user_id."&shipping_address=".$shipping_address."&billing_address=".$billing_address. "'>Edit</a></td>";

the URL will contain the # symbol and the data retrieved using $_GET is either cut away or unidentified index.

So my question is, is there anyway to use the # symbol in the URL without affecting my $_GET method?

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  • douxiongzhen2126 douxiongzhen2126 8年前

    Use urlencode($url) before passing it to the link.

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