doukanmang3687 2012-02-05 12:48
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i am trying to send header from a php file that is called with ajax. problem is, when i validate all information with php, i want to redirect to another page but headers dont work! any ideas?

what the code does:

//------------- index.php
on click of input, function passes <input> values through $_POST to login.php
if($_SESSION[superman]==true){redirects to index_main.php}

//------------- login.php
all it does is validate forms and if login and password are correct, it sets $_SESSION [superman]=true
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  • duanjieyi6582 2012-02-05 12:53

    The redirect will only redirect the Ajax call! If you want to change the displayed page in the browser, you'll need to redirect using Javascript once the Ajax call completes.

    • Make your Ajax call return a value indicating successful login (for example the string true or maybe the URL to the page you want to load)
    • Check the return value of the Ajax call. If success, change location.href using Javascript.
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