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I am trying to make something where if a user tries to execute a function in my system when they are not logged in, it will popup a message saying they can't do it because they aren't logged in. They are then sent to the login screen when they press ok.

I also want it to redirect users back to the login screen if they type the url in directly, but this time without an error message.

I have:

$components = explode('/', $url, 3) ;

if(!isset($_SESSION['loggedin']) && $components[0] != 'access' && $components[0] != 'login')

        echo json_encode('{"error": 2000, "msg": "You must be logged in to do that."}') ;
        return false ;

Which is fine for Ajax, but wouldn't work if the url was typed in. The $components[0] != 'access' etc is to just stop this condition executing if the user is on the login screen.

How can I do this without the header location effecting the Ajax call and also not simply echoing the error message when the user visits a forbidden url?

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