2018-10-23 09:55
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代码更改时,Docker Web服务器(nginx + php5.6)不会更新

I pull an images from docker hub and run a container from that image by command:

docker run -d -p 8081:80 -v /Users/nguyenphong/Documents/tiki/fulfillment:/src --name fulfillment tala/nginx-php

docker container run good and web service work well, but when i started to code, i changed some code in my local dir, i see the code change in container folder but when i reload the web application, "nothing change".

When i run :

docker restart fulfillment

code applied.

So what i need to do to live reload the code change?

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我从docker hub中提取图像并通过命令从该图像运行容器: \ n

  docker run -d -p 8081:80 -v / Users / nguyenphong / Documents / tiki / fulfillment:/ src --name fulfillment tala / nginx-php 

docker container运行良好且Web服务运行良好,但是当我开始编码时,我在我的本地目录中更改了一些代码,我看到容器文件夹中的代码更改但是当我重新加载Web应用程序时,“ 没有改变“。


  docker restart fulfillment 



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  • duangu9666 2018-10-23 10:47

    This does not sound like a docker issue. PHP and nginx have been known to cache files for a couple of minutes even if there are changes. You might have to change some configuration in php.ini.

    Take a look at this answer, it might help you: How do I Disable the Code Cache for PHP 5 (FPM) with Nginx?

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  • dtsps2098 2018-10-23 11:04

    I would recommend you to delete the Docker instance to make sure that it is cache issue; Try deleting the Docker instance by running 'docker rm -f fulfillment' and then rerun the 'docker run ....' command to make sure it is working fine without any issue.

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