duanjiao3754 2016-03-21 10:54
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I want to check if there is any sat or sun between two dates in php.

$fromDate = '03/21/2016';
$toDate = '03/28/2016';

I've tried other solution asked here but they didn't worked well. I want it in laravel 5.2 so if there is any easy way to handle this please guide me. thanks!

Update i also want to get if there is weekday(mon-fri) between two dates. i need it because user can select sat and Sunday only so in this condition I've to hide weekday option from him. So what I need is a method which tells me if start and end date has weekend or weekdays or both in it.

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  • duanjie2940 2016-03-21 11:11

    You can use date("N") to get current day of week and add the difference of days between your dates.. If this is bigger or equal to 6 than it's a weekend between or one date is in weekend.

    //Get current day of week. For example Friday = 5
    $day_of_week = date("N", strtotime($fromDate));
    $days = $day_of_week + (strtotime($toDate) - strtotime($fromDate)) / (60*60*24)
    //strtotime(...) - convert a string date to unixtimestamp in seconds.
    //The difference between strtotime($toDate) - strtotime($fromDate) is the number of seconds between this 2 dates. 
    //We divide by (60*60*24) to know the number of days between this 2 dates (60 - seconds, 60 - minutes, 24 - hours)
    //After that add the number of days between this 2 dates to day of week. So if first date is friday and days between this 2 dates is: 3 the sum will be 5+3 = 8 and it's bigger than 6 so we know it's a weekend between.
    if($days >= 6){
      //we have a weekend. Because day of week of first date + how many days between this 2 dates are greater or equal to 6 (6=Saturday)
    } else {
      //we don't have a weekend
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