dongyan4424 2015-08-05 10:53
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I'm looking for ideas on how to easily build binaries for common platforms for a Golang project, for release on Github.

I already know how to manually do releases, using Github's instructions at Creating Releases. And I'm currently doing releases using aktau/github-release, but this requires manually logging into different machines (OSX, Linux, Windows) and doing the release.

Benedikt Lang has blogged about using Travis-CI (which I'm yet to experiment with). But I presume the public Travis will only build binaries for Linux.

Any suggestions?

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  • dsy48837 2015-08-06 05:42

    Thanks for all the suggestions and answers that were given. Cross-compilation was what I was looking for, and Dave Cheney's blog post was a good start.

    However I found a better solution - laher/goxc - "a build tool for Go, with a focus on cross-compiling, packaging and deployment". It was inspired by Dave Cheney's work, and also includes deploy tools for Github - just what I was looking for. (For example, I used it to release soniah/awsenv)

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