2016-02-23 07:12
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I'm using vscode with Go extensions to edit golang source code. Each time I want to format code, I have to press Ctrl-Shift-i on linux, Shift-Alt-F on Windows, or Ctrl-Shift-p and type format. Is it possible to set format on save, that is, when I press ctrl-s, it format the code automatically using go.fmt (or something alike)?

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我正在使用带有 Go 扩展名的 vscode golang 源代码。 每次我要格式化代码时,都必须在 linux 上按 Ctrl-Shift-i ,在上按 Shift-Alt-F Windows Ctrl-Shift-p 并键入 format 。 是否可以设置保存格式,即当我按 ctrl-s 时,它会使用 go.fmt (或类似方法)自动格式化代码?

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  • dqy012345 2016-02-23 07:19

    You should install this plugin: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode-go. One of the options is to set "auto format" on save: go.formatOnSave": false. It uses the Golang tooling for formatting.

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  • doumi9618 2019-05-15 03:02

    From my visual code version, i cannot use config go.formatOnSave": false.

    Then I can turn them off in settings as below:

    • Build (Turn off using go.buildOnSave setting)
    • Lint (Turn off using go.lintOnSave setting)
    • Vet (Turn off using go.vetOnSave setting)
    • Format (Turn off by adding the below in your settings):
      "[go]": {
          "editor.formatOnSave": false 
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