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如何在vscode中的Golang Lint工具中忽略文件或路径

I am using Go in vscode, but the lint marks me that I have problems in third party packages.

It is possible to put a rule to ignore the src folder, for example?

enter image description here

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    doutang6600 doutang6600 2018-04-21 18:50

    The problems shown on your screenshot are related to go vet and not to golint

    To pass an absolute path to go tool vet or golint do as follows:

    1. Go to File > Preferences > Settings or hit Ctrl+,
    2. Add the file or directory path to "go.vetFlags" or "go.lintFlags", i.e. "go.vetFlags": ["/path/to/file"]

    For some reason, on go extension 0.6.78 it adds a . argument to the go tool vet (you can inspect it on OUTPUT tab in VSCode):

    Finished running tool: /usr/local/go/bin/go tool vet /path/to/file .

    which causes PROBLEMS tab to display messages regarding all the files in your workspace.

    NOTE: also make sure go.lintOnSave and go.vetOnSave are set to package and not workspace. You can turn off any of them by setting it to off

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