2011-11-02 10:03



I have been using CMake with C++ to build libraries and executables and would like to use the same for the go programming language.

What steps do I need to take to configure CMake so it would work with the go programming language?

Essentially, my compiler is 6g which produces a compiled foo.6 - I send it to a linker via 6l foo.6 and I am done. I have the compiler and linker already built and installed.

Obviously, I can just write a simple Makefile for this, but it would be nice to use CMake consistently throughout my project.

TIA for any advice that would help me get started.

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  • dspym82000 dspym82000 10年前

    You might wish to implement CMake' support for Go. Roughly speaking it involves following steps:

    1. Create CMakeDetermineGoCompiler.cmake module, which would find Go compiler for the current system.
    2. Create CMakeGoCompiler.cmake.in - a template, which would be configured by CMakeDetermineGoCompiler.

    3. Create CMakeTestGoCompiler.cmake, module which would compile a simple go source to check if the compiler works.

    4. Create CMakeGoInformation.cmake, which would set some language-related variables (CMAKE_GO_LINK_EXECUTABLE and so on)

    These things should be placed in CMAKE_MODULES_DIR. For reference you can take a look at how Java/CXX support is implemented.

    Alternatively, if don't want to mess with such internal stuff, you can solve your task by creating a macro(), which would create a bunch of custom targets/commands (see add_custom_{target,command}() documentation).

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  • douzhuo5671 douzhuo5671 10年前

    It's in your best interest to not use CMake (or any other build system).

    Go has a simple, built-in way to build packages: go build (which also makes go get and go install work). go build, by design, doesn't require additional tools like make or cmake.

    If you use CMake (or any other build system) you'll just make life harder for yourself (if you plan to use libraries developed by others) or for other people (if you plan to develop libraries that are meant to be used by others).

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