dongwei3336 2017-07-30 23:18
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I am currently working on a Golang application.I receive a JWT token from the client side and, in Go I need to decode that token and get the information: user, name, etc. I was checking the libraries that are available to handle JWT tokens and I came down to this one, but I don't see how to simply make what I need. I have the token and I need to decode the info into a map or at least a json. Where can I find a guide of how to do it? Thank you!

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  • duanhuren5581 2017-07-31 06:08

    Function jwt.ParseWithClaims accept an interface of jwt.Claims as the second argument. Besides struct-based custom claims, the package also provides map-based claims, i.e. jwt.MapClaims. So, you can simply decode the token into a MapClaims, e.g.

    tokenString := "<YOUR TOKEN STRING>"    
    claims := jwt.MapClaims{}
    token, err := jwt.ParseWithClaims(tokenString, claims, func(token *jwt.Token) (interface{}, error) {
        return []byte("<YOUR VERIFICATION KEY>"), nil
    // ... error handling
    // do something with decoded claims
    for key, val := range claims {
        fmt.Printf("Key: %v, value: %v
    ", key, val)
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