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在golang jwt-go中解码JWT

What's the equivalent of this code (https://github.com/auth0/java-jwt) in golang --- jwt-go library

  DecodedJWT jwt = JWT.decode(token);

in golang's jwt-go library, when I have to parse the token I need to have the verification key which is not required in the java library.

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    dongmijgnnq0118 dongmijgnnq0118 2018-08-16 10:50

    From docs at:

    func (p *Parser) ParseUnverified(tokenString string, claims Claims) (token *Token, parts []string, err error)

    WARNING: Don't use this method unless you know what you're doing.

    This method parses the token but doesn't validate the signature. It's only ever useful in cases where you know the signature is valid (because it has been checked previously in the stack) and you want to extract values from it.


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