2014-05-30 22:12
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I am having difficulties passing a value to a struct by reference or by passing a pointer. I will outline what I am trying to achieve:

type FooStruct struct {
    foo1, foo2, foo3 int //etc
    connection *net.Conn

func(session FooStruct) Run(conn *net.Conn) {
    session.connection = conn

func main() {
    server, err := net.Listen("tcp", ":8484")
    connection, err := server.Accept()
    foo := FooStruct{}

The above is an example of what I am trying to achive I only want to pass a reference pointer to the connection variable in the struct. I have tried reading the documentation and going through the tutorial but I have become confused.

When compiling I get the error - session.connection.RemoteAddr undefined (type * net.Conn has no field or method RemoteAddr). It does have that method as when copying the variable it works fine. However that is not what I want to do.

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