2018-03-31 04:39
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Let's suppose i have the following string


and i want to convert it into url.Values struct and i have the following

data := url.Values{}

parameters := strings.Split(request.Body, "&")

for _, parameter := range parameters {

    parts := strings.Split(parameter, "=")

    data.Add(parts[0], parts[1])


which does convert it into url.Values but the problem is that it doesn't convert url encoded values like + into space, so first is there a better way to parse this? then if not how do i convert url encoded string to normal string first?

Thank's For Your Help...o

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  • donglan8256 2018-03-31 04:56

    You could use url.ParseQuery to convert the raw query to url.Values with unescaping

    package main
    import (
    func main() {
        t := "honeypot=&name=Zelalem+Mekonen&email=zola%40programmer.net&message=Hello+And+this+is+a+test+message..."
        v, err := url.ParseQuery(t)
        if err != nil {


    map[honeypot:[] name:[Zelalem Mekonen] email:[zola@programmer.net] message:[Hello And this is a test message...]]
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  • dor65412 2018-03-31 04:52

    You could first decode the URL with net/url/QueryUnescape.
    It does converts '+' into '' (space).

    Then you can start splitting the decoded string, or use net/url/#ParseRequestURI and get the URL.Query.

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