2018-04-10 12:46
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I was wondering how can I convert a uint64 to big.Int in golang? the shortest way.

I have tried new(big.Int).SetInt64(int64(a uint64 number)).

I don't like it cause it's long, too much nested conversions and I'd rather use a built-in function if it exists.

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我想知道如何将 uint64 转换为 big.Int < / code>在golang中? 最短的方法。

我尝试了 new(big.Int).SetInt64(int64(uint64数字))


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  • doudongfu8006 2018-04-10 13:01

    Shortest and safest would be to use the Int.SetUint64() method:

    var x uint64 = 10
    i := new(big.Int).SetUint64(x)
    fmt.Println(i) // Prints 10

    Try it on the Go Playground.

    Care should be taken when manually converting uint64 to int64 (as in your example), as overflow might happen which you won't be notified about, but you will end up with a negative value.

    If you can be sure the value fits into an int64, using the big.NewInt() function is shorter:

    i := big.NewInt(int64(x))

    Try this one on the Go Playground.

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