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如何使用Go http包提供共享结构?

I have a struct with many fields (some of them are pointers to other structs as well) which are being continuosly updated in a separate goroutine. The same struct is accessed from go's http template when a page is served.

Code example:

type SharedStruct struct {
     Description string
     Counter int
     Status_ *Status
     LastChecked time.Time
     //other fields
var shared = &SharedStruct{}

go func() {
    //..updates fields every 5 minutes

go-http handler:

func someHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
   t.ExecuteTemplate(w, "page.html", shared)

and page.html template:

Status: {{.Status_.StatusCode}}
Counter: {{.Counter}}
Last checked: {{.LastChecked.Format "2006-02-01 15:04:05"}}

So far everything works as expected, but I'm aware that bad things can happen without any synchronization. What is the preferred way to handle this properly?

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