2012-12-10 05:45
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I am programming in Go and I read a text file in and I replace multiple things on it to translate the code from one language to Go to be able to run. The problem I am having is that when trying to replace things like Println statements I cannot get a parenthesis on the end of the statement without being really specific to the code I am converting. Is there a way to use the code like this?

src = bytes.Replace(src, []byte("Insert"), []byte("Println(" * ")"), -1)

and have the ability to just put a parenthesis at the end of the line of code?

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我正在用Go编程,我在其中读取了一个文本文件,然后替换了其中的多处内容以翻译代码 一种语言可以运行。 我遇到的问题是,当尝试替换诸如Println语句之类的内容时,如果不真正特定于要转换的代码,则无法在语句末尾加上括号。 有没有办法使用这样的代码?

  src = bytes.Replace(src,[] byte(“ Insert”),[] byte(“ Println(” *“)”),-1)


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  • drf97973 2012-12-10 06:50
    package main
    import (
    func main() {
            src := []byte(`
    Write(1, 3, "foo", 3*qux(42));
    WriteLn("Enter bar: ");
            re := regexp.MustCompile(`Write\((.*)\);`)
            re2 := regexp.MustCompile(`WriteLn\((.*)\);`)
            src = re.ReplaceAll(src, []byte(`Print($1)`))
            src = re2.ReplaceAll(src, []byte(`PrintLn($1)`))
            fmt.Printf("%s", src)

    (Alse here)


    Print(1, 3, "foo", 3*qux(42))
    PrintLn("Enter bar: ")
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