2016-05-12 16:33
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I am trying to build the latest version (tip of the master branch) of Go from source.

The official Go documentation ( states that you should download Go 1.4 binaries to build a more recent version. However it should be possible to build all from source.

To do this, I set variables in .bashrc :


then to build go 1.4 from source :

source ~/.bashrc
git clone
mkdir ~/go1.4
cd ~/go
git archive --format=tar go1.4.3 |tar -xv -C ~/go1.4
cd ~/go1.4/src

and finally build the latest version :

cd ~/go/src/
GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP=$HOME/go1.4 ./make.bash

I remember doing this months ago without problems, but today I get these errors building go 1.4 make.bash:

# cmd/pprof
.../go1.4/pkg/linux_amd64/runtime/cgo.a(_all.o): unknown relocation type 42; compiled without -fpic?
.../go1.4/pkg/linux_amd64/runtime/cgo.a(_all.o): unknown relocation type 42; compiled without -fpic?
runtime/cgo(.text): unexpected relocation type 298
runtime/cgo(.text): unexpected relocation type 298

Is there something wrong in my method ?

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Go官方文档( )指出,您应该下载Go 1.4二进制文件以构建更新版本。 但是应该可以从源代码构建所有内容。

为此,我在 .bashrc 中设置变量:

  PATH =“ $ HOME / go / bin:$ PATH” 
export GOPATH = $ HOME 

然后从源代码构建go 1.4:

 源〜/ .bashrc 
mkdir〜/ go1.4 
cd〜/ go 
git存档--format =  tar go1.4.3 | tar -xv -C〜/ go1.4 
cd〜/ go1.4 / src 


  cd〜/ go / src / 
GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP = $ HOME / go1.4 ./make.bash

我记得几个月前这样做没问题,但今天我在构建1.4 make.bash 时遇到了这些错误:

   #cmd / pprof 
 ... / go1.4 / pkg / linux_amd64 / runtime / cgo.a(_all.o):未知的重定位类型42;  
 ... / go1.4 / pkg / linux_amd64 / runtime / cgo.a(_all.o)编译时不带-fpic ?:未知的重定位类型42;  
runtime / cgo(.text):意外重定位类型298 
runtime / cgo(.text):意外重定位类型298 


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  • douyin8809 2016-05-12 20:08

    The error messages point to CGO, and environment variables that control make.bash are explained at the beginning of the file :

    CGO_ENABLED: Controls cgo usage during the build. Set it to 1 to include all cgo related files, .c and .go file with "cgo" build directive, in the build. Set it to 0 to ignore them.

    so if you disable CGO while building GO 1.4 :

    cd ~/go1.4/src
    CGO_ENABLED=0 ./make.bash

    everything works and pass the tests.

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