dongpao5261 2018-12-19 13:42
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I'm looking for the solution of how to get logs from a pod in Kubernetes cluster using golang. I've looked at "" and "", but couldn't understand how to use them for this purpose. I have no issues getting information of a pod or any other object in K8S except for logs.

For example, I'm using Get() from "" to get K8S job info:

found := &batchv1.Job{}
err = r.client.Get(context.TODO(), types.NamespacedName{Name: job.Name, Namespace: job.Namespace}, found)

Please share of how you get pod's logs nowadays. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Update: The solution provided in Kubernetes go client api for log of a particular pod is out of date. It have some tips, but it is not up to date with current libraries.

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