dongqu5650 2015-02-12 20:38
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I'm trying to discover and walk the shared folders and files of a computer on my network, let's call it ComputerA. If I know ComputerA is sharing a folder called Source, I can use

files, err := ioutil.ReadDir("\\\\ComputerA\\Source")

to get a list of all the files in Source. However, I can't do this to find Source (or any other shared folders)

files, err := ioutil.ReadDir("\\\\ComputerA")

It seems that ioutil can't list the root shared folders using a UNC path like this. I've looked over the stock packages rather quickly and nothing else jumps out at me as a way to do this.

It's not a permissions issue as far as I can tell. I can open up explorer and go straight to \\ComputerA and it'll work just fine.

How else can I discover the shared folders for a specific computer on my network?

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  • dongxunhua2054 2015-02-12 21:19

    That doesn't seem directly supported by Go libraries like ioutil or net or other packages.

    Instead that would depend on the file system used, and would best use a system command (exec.Command().Output() ).
    For instance, for Windows, net share (for local shares) or net view (for remote shares).

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