2018-03-23 11:58
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Windows上的golang:如何为Linux构建? [重复]

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How do I compile a go file/project on windows for Linux?

On Linux it should be possible via one-liner:

GOOS=windows go build -o filename.exe codefile.go

I tried something similar via Powershell, but on my Linux server (Ubuntu 16.04 amd64) only an error appears:

-bash: ./gotest: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error".

I tried with user Env-vars for GOOS = linux and GOARCH = amd64 and via set GOOS = linux in Powershell, but I don't know enough about Powershell - the go build command runs without an error and produces the file.

Can anyone explain the general how-to on windows (10 1709 x64) via Powershell (or cmd) (over VS Code) with go-1.10?


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    如何在Windows上为Windows编译go文件/项目 Linux吗?


      GOOS = windows go build -o filename.exe代码文件。  go 

    我通过Powershell尝试了类似的操作,但是在我的Linux服务器(Ubuntu 16.04 amd64)上,仅出现错误:


    我尝试过 er Env-vars for GOOS = linux GOARCH = amd64 并通过Powershell中的 set GOOS = linux ,但是我对这还不了解 Powershell-go build命令运行无错误并生成文件。

    谁能通过Powershell(或cmd)(通过VS)解释Windows(10 1709 x64)上的一般操作方法。 代码)与go-1.10吗?

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  • douyingzhan5905 2018-03-23 12:22

    Use git bash if you have it installed οn your machine and execute the below command

    env GOOS=linux go build -o filename

    You could set the execution operating system for the whole command session through:

    set GOOS=linux
    go build -o filename

    It worked for me on same Windows 10 version and runs smoothly on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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