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Disclaimer: I have seen a similar question in this thread: Golang multiple recipients with gomail.v2 but cannot get this to work, and do not yet have the juice to comment there asking for help. The op in that question is using os.Args[], whereas I want to use a slice stored in a config file.

I'm attempting to use the awesome gomail.v2 package to send to a list of multiple recipients contained in a slice ToMail in instance e of struct Email via my method Mail.

The compiler complains at line 37:

./mailer.go:37: not enough arguments in call to m.SetAddressHeader
        have (string, []string...)
        want (string, string, string)

How can I properly pass each recipient in my slice to the SetAddressHeader("To"... method so as to send to all recipients in slice ToMail?

What I've tried:

package main

import (

type Email struct {
        FromMail, FromFirstLast, Password, Subject, Body, Server string
        ToMail []string
        Port int

func main() {
        e := Email{FromMail: "",
                FromFirstLast: "From User",
                ToMail: []string{"", ""},
                Password: "passpasspass",
                Subject: "Test",
                Body:"TEST BODY",
                Server: "",
                Port: 587,}
        err := e.Mail()
        if err != nil {

func (e Email)Mail() (error) {
    m := gomail.NewMessage()
    m.SetAddressHeader("From", e.FromMail, e.FromFirstLast)
    addresses := make([]string, len(e.ToMail))

    for i, _ := range addresses{
        addresses[i] = m.FormatAddress(e.ToMail[i], "")
    m.SetAddressHeader("To", addresses...)
    m.SetHeader("Subject", e.Subject)
    m.SetBody("text/plain", e.Body)

    d := gomail.NewPlainDialer(e.Server, e.Port, e.FromMail, e.Password)
    if err := d.DialAndSend(m); err != nil {
        return err
        return nil
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  • dpuwov1487 2017-09-22 04:27

    package gomail

    import ""

    func (*Message) SetAddressHeader

    func (m *Message) SetAddressHeader(field, address, name string)

    SetAddressHeader sets an address to the given header field.

    func (*Message) SetHeader

    func (m *Message) SetHeader(field string, value ...string)

    SetHeader sets a value to the given header field.

    The example you referenced and the documentation has, for multiple addresses:

    addresses := make([]string, len(e.ToMail))
    for i := range addresses {
        addresses[i] = m.FormatAddress(e.ToMail[i], "")
    m.SetHeader("To", addresses...)

    But you write, using the single address (with implicit FormatAddress) form:

    m.SetAddressHeader("To", addresses...)


    not enough arguments in call to m.SetAddressHeader
            have (string, []string...)
            want (string, string, string)
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