doulou1989 2018-06-10 22:06
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I have multiple nodes. Node is just a linux or windows server. Also I have one master node. The master node is manager of process of file sharing.

This images shows process of communication: enter image description here

So, I try to choose some protocol for this system, which I can implement (or just use some existing implementation). I need a file sharing protocol. I mean checking the checksum, managing a Internet bandwidth, managing the process of data exchange.

File is just a binary data. File size is approximately 1-10 MB. The number of files in the system is approximately 1 million. 90% of all requests are write requests.

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  • drza10046 2018-06-10 22:34

    Web servers are designed to serve files (amongst other things).

    I would recommend you use the http protocol and use which requires just a few lines of code to set up.

    If you need secure transmission then use https, also available with FileServer:

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