2016-11-30 03:28
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Is there a way to use the reflection libraries in Go to go from the name of a type to its Type representation?

I've got a library where the user needs to provide Type representations for some code generation. I know it must be possible (in a sense) because they can just create a variable of that type and call the TypeOf function, but is there a way to circumvent this and just get representation from the name?

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是否可以使用反射库,从类型名称转到其类型表示形式?</ p>

我有一个库,用户需要在其中提供某些代码生成的类型表示形式。 我知道这一定是有可能的,因为它们只能创建该类型的变量并调用 TypeOf函数,但是有一种方法可以绕过它,而仅从名称中获取表示形式?</ p> </ div>

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