2019-07-04 05:18
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I have a regex as following (ORDER\s+BY)|(LIMIT)|$. I want to insert a substring before the first match of the regex. I am looking for a pure regexp solution in Golang not finding the index and then adding a substring. Since Golang only has regexp.ReplaceAll func which replaces all the matches, not the first one.

exp := regexp.MustCompile(`(ORDER\s+BY)|(LIMIT)|$`)
fmt.Println(exp.ReplaceAllString(str, "..."))


Input: abcd ORDER BY LIMIT substring=GROUP BY

Expected output: abcd GROUP BY ORDER BY LIMIT

Input: abcd LIMIT

Expected output: abcd GROUP BY LIMIT

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  • dongpu1331
    dongpu1331 2019-07-04 05:31

    You may use

    str := "abcd ORDER BY LIMIT"
    exp := regexp.MustCompile(`^(.*?)(ORDER\s+BY|LIMIT|$)`)
    fmt.Println(exp.ReplaceAllString(str, "${1}GROUP BY ${2}"))

    If there can be line breaks before the pattern use (?s) in front: (?s)^(.*?)(ORDER\s+BY|LIMIT|$).

    See the Go demo and the regex graph:

    enter image description here


    • ^ - start of string
    • (.*?) - Group 1 (${1}): any 0+ chars, as few as possible
    • (ORDER\s+BY|LIMIT|$) - Group 2 (${2}): any of the three alternatives, whichever comes first:
      • ORDER\s+BY - ORDER, 1+ whitespaces, BY
      • LIMIT - a LIMIT substring
      • $ - end of string.
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  • douqiangbei50208
    douqiangbei50208 2019-07-04 05:32

    My guess is that this expression might work here:




    package main
    import (
    func main() {
        var re = regexp.MustCompile(`(?m)(ORDER\s+BY\s+LIMIT|LIMIT)$`)
        var str = `abcd ORDER BY LIMIT
    abcd LIMIT`
        var substitution = "GROUP BY $1"
        fmt.Println(re.ReplaceAllString(str, substitution))
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