2019-09-13 23:48
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I am trying to send a post request to a API endpoint. The endpoint does not work without brackets in the JSON data.

map1: = map[string] map[string] interface {} {}
map2: = map[string] interface {} {}
map2["firstObject"] = "value1"
map2["secondObject"] = "value2"

map1["jsonName"] = map2
b, err: = json.Marshal(map1)
if err != nil {

fmt.Println(string(b)) // outputs: {"jsonName":{"firstObject":"value1","secondObject":"value2"}}

I need the output to be: {"jsonName":[{"firstObject":"value1","secondObject":"value2"}]}

However, I am getting this: {"jsonName":{"firstObject":"value1","secondObject":"value2"}}

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我正在尝试向API端点发送发布请求。 没有JSON数据中的方括号,端点无法正常工作。

  map1:= map [string] map [string]接口{} {} 
map2:= map [string]接口{  } {} 
map2 [“ firstObject”] =“ value1” 
map2 [“ secondObject”] =“ value2” 
map1 [“ jsonName”] = map2 
b,错误:= json.Marshal(map1)
if  err!= nil {
fmt.Println(string(b))//输出:{“ jsonName”:{“ firstObject”:“ value1”,“ secondObject”:“ value2  “}} 

我需要输出为: {” jsonName“:[{” firstObject“:” value1“,” secondObject“:” value2“}]}

不过,我得到的是: {” jsonName“:{” firstObject“:” value1“,” secondObject“:” value2 “}}

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  • dongye1912 2019-09-14 00:06

    Your indicated payload is passing a map as the value of jsonName, when the API needs an array of maps.

    It may help if you create the inner map first:

    map2 := map[string]interface{}{
        "firstObject":  "value1",
        "secondObject": "value2",

    Then create your outer map as a map of string => []interface{}, giving your key and value:

    map1 := map[string][]interface{}{
        "jsonName": []interface{}{map2},

    You can do it all in one shot as:

    map1 := map[string][]interface{}{
        "jsonName": []interface{}{
                "firstObject":  "value1",
                "secondObject": "value2",
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