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GOLANG gurus:

I know this might seem illogical, but here it goes.

I have to distribute a binary (which in this case would be a webserver) to other engineers for testing. To keep it simple, because they might not be developers, I wanted to see if there might be some automated way to pack images into a GOLANG binary ? I've done this static HTML pages in the past, and it works great.

Obviously, at first run I could unzip to the file system, but to keep things clean I was trying to see if anyone has any thoughts how I could stuff them into a binary.

Any Ideas ?

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我必须将二进制文件(在这种情况下将是网络服务器)分发给其他工程师进行测试。 为了简单起见,因为他们可能不是开发人员,所以我想看看是否有某种自动方式将图像打包到GOLANG二进制文件中? 过去,我已经完成了这些静态HTML页面,并且效果很好。

显然,在第一次运行时,我可以解压缩到文件系统,但是为了保持整洁,我试图 看看是否有人有想法如何将它们填充到二进制文件中。


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