2016-02-17 11:57
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I want to use mgo to create/save a MongoDB collection. But I would like to define it more extensively (for e.g to mention that one of the attribute is mandatory, another one is of an enum type and has a default value).

I have defined the struct like this, but don't know how to describe the constraints on it.

type Company struct {
    Name        string `json:"name" bson:"name"` // --> I WANT THIS TO BE MANDATORY
    CompanyType string `json:"companyType" bson:"companyType"` // -->I WANT THIS TO BE AN ENUM

Is this possible to do in mgo, like how we can do it in MongooseJS?

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  • doupao3662 2016-02-17 14:43

    mgo isn't an ORM or a validation tool. mgo is only an interface to MongoDB.

    It's not bad to do validation all by yourself.

    type CompanyType int
    const (
      CompanyA CompanyType = iota // this is the default
      CompanyB CompanyType
      CompanyC CompanyType
    type Company struct {
      Name string
      CompanyType string
    func (c Company) Valid() bool {
      if c.Name == "" {
        return false
      // If it's a user input, you'd want to validate CompanyType's underlying
      // integer isn't out of the enum's range.
      if c.CompanyType < CompanyA || c.CompanyType > CompanyB {
        return false
      return true

    Check this out for more about enums in Go.

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