dongxing2263 2015-10-12 00:06
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RESTFUL API中的golang结构或地图

When creating a webserver in golang, is there any specific reason why JSON data would be represented as a MAP over a STRUCT or vice versa? ..or is this decision based purely on user preference ?

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  • duandou8457 2015-10-12 00:22

    I think this discussion could go either way but the advantages of using structs vs maps are that structs give you an idea of how the schema should look like whereas a map leaves the schema open-ended.

    If you use structs, developers who look at the code will have a clear idea of what parameters you're expecting for the API or how the response of the API may look like without digging further into implementation detail. On the other hand if the requests or responses were maps, they would have to look at the implementation detail to see what keys and values are being assigned. Hope this helps!

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